Zen Music for Balance and Relaxation


Let’s heal the world! Listen with earphones!

Let your mind unwind with this “Zen: Music for balance and relaxation” set. Whether you’re meditating or practicing yoga, this Asian-inspired two-disc compilation will help you find inner peace.

Zen: Music for Relaxation and Meditation (Full Album)

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01. Dawn
02. Flower
03. Moon
04. Feng Shui
05. Daylight
06. Stone Garden
07. Snow
08. Twilight
09. Birds
10. Fire
11. Wind
12. The Milky Way
13. Dusk
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01. Path to Enlightnement
02. Satori
03. Ambrosial Dew
04. Zazen
05. Azure Skies
06. The Songbird
07. Love and Devotion
08. Reunion of Joy
09. Amidst the Cherry Blossoms
10. Answered by Silence
11. The Sacred Shrine
12. The Gateless Gate
13. Perpetual Peace


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Meditation (Zen Music)