The word Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning spinning wheel of light and signifies a series of wheel-like vortices of energy which exist above the surface of the body and connect through the spine to the glandular centers.


There are seven major chakras associated with the body. Another one exists above the head for divine connection and the chakra below the feet for connection to the earth. There are also at least 70,000 mini chakras called Nadiis throughout the body.

The effect of a balanced flow of energy to the chakras is a sense of well-being and peacefulness, allowing the body to vibrate more quickly and align to the cosmic forces. See the chart below for more detailed information on the Chakra Energy System.

Stones and crystals allow us to use two of the most fundamental healing characteristics – energy & colour- to balance our chakras . We are naturally attracted to the stones which are in alignment with our needs at the time. All matter embodies energy and can be thought of as a complex series of frequencies which vary according to the composition and density of the material.

In the case of stones, a sympathetic vibration can be established with the body to allow attunement, and the subsequent expression of Source energy. When healing and balancing the chakras, an appropriate stone is placed on the chakra – on the front or back of the body, whichever is more comfortable. Leave for 15 minutes. Stones can be placed on all the chakras at once, or above the head and below the feet to perform certain tasks.

[box title=”Sahasrara – Crown Chakra” color=”#9F509F”]
[frame align=”left”]Sahasrara[/frame]The Crown Chakra – located at the top of the skull : This is the sum of all the others, and your connection to the heavens above. It is famously depicted as a Lotus Flower with 1,000 petals which signify Enlightenment. The colours of the Crown Chakra are Gold and Deep purple (Churches? Kings & Queens?) and Bright White Light – and it’s the same frequency as Ultra-Violet lightwaves.

As it is the sum of all the others – it will either be balanced, regulated and fairly open if your other 6 chakras and your Aura are in balance, or it may also be too-open (over-active) or maybe slightly closed (under-active) if you have too much or not enough energy around ur Aura.
[box title=”Ajna – 3rd Eye Chakra” color=”#6161A9″]
[frame align=”left”]Ajna[/frame]The 3rd Eye Chakra (originally called ”Ajna” in ancient Sanskrit language) – is located in between the eyes, in the centre of the lower forehead. It control the conscious and unconscious brain, and is the voice and sum of both. It is the seat of Psychic Awareness and Intuition, of seeing, both physical and astral vision, of higher realms of creativity.

My “Mind’s Eye” = when you close you eyes, dream, day-dream, imagine or hallucinate, you are creating with and connecting to your Third Eye vision. Shamanic trances all also based around visualisation of colours, energies and signs from this Chakric centre. Some people are very sensitive to their psychic centres and others are not.

Skills can be honed to become healer, guide, and to see Auras and energy. Some can do this easily, some can learn, some cant some dont want to! If the 3rd Eye is too open and unbalanced by a weak ‘Energetic System’ below, irational fear, nightmares, mental and psychological difficulties and imbalances can and will occur.
[box title=”Vishuddhi – Throat Chakra” color=”#2BB6ED”]
[frame align=”left”]Vishuddhi[/frame]The Throat Chakra – being a Water sign and Singer is one of my ‘Favourites’ and I accord with it and blue crystals a great deal. It is the Seat of Communication – both Listening and Speaking – and combined with a Clear Vision from the Crown and 3rd Eye, and also a strong sense of Self-belief and Leadership from & healthy Solar Plexus (yellow) and Create and Co-Create anything! Communication is with other people (talking and listening) and oneself, and the angelic realms.

The Throat chakra (combined with the 3rd Eye) is a creator of Dreams too, and of course Singing, spoken word, creative writing, drama and, energetically, it is an essential bridge between the Heart Chakra and the 3rd Eye – if the Throat is ‘blocked’, these other 2 cannot communicate well.
[box title=”Anahata – Heart Chakra” color=”#85B152″]
[frame align=”left”]Anahata[/frame]The Heart Chakra – the Centre of our energetic system and where our Physical and Energetic systems combine: as the 3 Chakras below deal with Physical issues and the 3 above with astral ones. (Although they all effect our emotional, mental, physical and spirit lives.)

The Heart both gives and receives Love to and from us – PINK = Love flowing inwards, so Pink Crystals deal with Inner Love issues, inner child, self-love, trust, peace, and Green = Love flowing outwards to other people, places plus respect and appreciation of the Environment. Green is also the colour of natue, of Chlorophyll green in all plants, (like Chlorite green Quartz!) and as such green (and green crystals) are extremely good healers, full of rejuvenation qualities.
[box title=”Manipura – Solar Plexus” color=”#F5F136″]
[frame align=”left”]Manipura[/frame]The Solar Plexus is the Seat of the Ego: (Base Chakra = Connection to tribe), Sacral Chakra = Connection to loved ones) Solar Plexus = Connection to Self. It is the Centre from which our Intention is sent out, the Centre of Self-belief, Self-confidence, Leadership, self-assurance. It is an extremely Yang chakra, sending our Intention into the world to mainfest whatever it written in the whole of our energetic system.

Ancient Chinese Taoist koan: “Where Attention Goes – Energy flows”, another even simpler one is = “Light before Matter”. They point out that our Intention Creates Our Reality – Light energy shows up before physical creation. The Yellow Solar deals with lot of these issues, along with the Crown Chakra in “Gold mode”…. i.e. how our thoughts, actions and reactions actually create everything in our own lives, even the things we dont like, and dont feel we have power over…
[box title=”Svadhisthana – The Seat of Life – Second Chakra” color=”#FF9C2C”]
[frame align=”left”]Svadhisthana[/frame]The Seat of Creative juices, raw passion, creation of new life and all creation in life, from orangey-yellow through to blood-red-orange. This Chakra deals with our Relationships with our Lovers, and closest loved-ones, and as it’s located in the abdomen, it creates new life!

It is also where all our feelings and memories relating to our itimate lives and history, sexuality and gender fellings. It is dais to be the seat of Wisdom, combining red and yellow, and so one reason why some monks dress in Orange and forsake partaking in sex, to allow energy to travel untapped up from the base chakra and into the Solar and Heart and higher energetic system.
[box title=”Muladhara – Base Chakra” color=”#D31F2A”]
[frame align=”left”]Muladhara[/frame]The Base Chakra – the seat of Physicality, Foundations, Grounded-ness, feeling Abundant and provided for, having a secure home… It rules these very Fundamental issues, and is where our Auras connect to Mother Earth.

ALL healing sessions and meditations should start and end with a Base Chakra exercise of some form, a Grounding exercise i.e. imagining your energy going down through roots from the soles of your feet, deep into the Earth, carrying your energy to the Core. Without Grounding – we cannot truly integrate any information obtained through the 6 Chakras about the Base Chakra. The Base forms our Anchor to Earth, to bring down from above.